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1950 Starlight Rear Windows

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  • 1950 Starlight Rear Windows

    A couple of questions about the rear windows in my starlight coupe. Has anyone ever had their rear windows tinted? I am having trouble getting them done because of the curvature in the glass. Also, what do people do if they need to replace them? I am not aware of anyone reproducing them. Can some sort of Lexan be used? Any help would be appreciated. My windows are very good, I just need to get them tinted.Hope someone can give me some good suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    I have the rear window glass reproduced for starlight coupes. I stock the green tint glass and I can have the glass in clear as well.
    Chuck Collins


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      I have a 52 starlite coupe with tinted green windows I believe to be original: I also have a 50 with plain glass. Was this an option in 52?


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        I do believe Hotrod is looking for 'Privacy' type tint. There are two ways to tint glass. The first is to use the typical films that are available. With the curvature of the glass, I personally believe this is best left to an installer of such films. I also think it's far better to have any of the glass being tinted out of the car.

        The second way is a liquid tint. This is usually a spray. Not many tint shops deal in this type of tint. Cheaper versions are available through J.C. Whitney, Jegs, Summit, etc. Again, it's best to have the glass out of the car. Like painting a car, prep is important because you are basically painting your glass. But done well, it will provide a better quality, longer lasting (permanent) tint.

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          quote:Originally posted by hotwheels63r2

          I sold a rare set to Champs glass in Idaho. Call them.
          They can't be that rare if Chuck has them reproduced.

          Dick Steinkamp
          Bellingham, WA