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1947-52 Ignition switch difference ?

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  • Electrical: 1947-52 Ignition switch difference ?

    I have several new switches with no part numbers and a 51 dash as a test bed. The switches all seem to fit the hole, Is there any reason why they would not work in a 47, 48 49 or 50?

    These are all 3 post switches ( 2 med length posts, 1 post pretty long) and all have just the "ON", "OFF" and "ACC" position when you turn the key.

    The bezels are all cast/chrome and look just like a known 52 bezel I have. One bezel looks the same as the rest but is aluminum

    When I searched for these online they are No Longer Available (NLA) ??

    The book breaks them up as different, and 51 & 52 share the same part #. Why might the rest be different?
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    I could be wrong, but I believe the difference is in the nut that retains the switch in the instrument panel, electrically, the switches are the same. Bud


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      Thanks, Bud. I kind of thought so too until I found a few more and all the nuts look the same. Does anyone know if the nuts 47- 50 were different than 51-52 ? and what do they look like? Maybe Yale keys, those years? I do not have a 47-50 book.
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        Yale vs. Hurd keys might be the difference. Also, the 47-49 have the long post to accomodate a plastic "cup"/guard that seems to shield all the wires from, er, something. Don't know if 50-51 had that as well.
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          I took an original ignition switch out of my 1950 parts car and it has the plastic cup/cover that Kurtruk refers to. I believe that both Yale and Hurd lock cylinders were used in 1950. I don't know if the brand of lock cylinder was specific to certain models (my 1950 Champion has a Yale lock) or if they were just bought in batches from both suppliers.
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            My 52 Commander has the cast/chromed bezel and has a Hurd lock.
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              Thanks 41frank.

              I know for sure 51 & 52 are the same, still wondering what the difference was on the cars before that. My only guess is what brand lock they used.