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Wheels again- 63 Lark

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  • Wheels again- 63 Lark

    Just wondering what sizes of aftermarket wheels and tyres people have used successfully on 63 Larks. I am looking at a set of American Racing Salt Flats (15 by 6) but I think the back space is 3.25" rather than 3.75" as advised for Studes. I need to make sure I get it right as I will not be able to return them if I get it wrong (international ordering).


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    I have American Touque thrust 2's on my Lark. 15x6 and the same backspacing, they fit just fine.


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      How about stock-type steel wheels that will take the original hubcaps? I'd like to upgrade to wheels that'll fit now, and will fit later if/when I upgrade to discs.

      I'm thinking early 80s Dodge Diplomat/ Chrys. Lebaron...


      Robert K. Andrews Owner- IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
      Parish, central NY 13131