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  • Swifster
    Marc, just a hint. You can buy chrome tach cups to attach the tach to the steering column. This was done on a lot of older cars where a tach didn't have it's own spot (like '59-'62 Larks). These usually are made to fit the 3-3/8" tachs that are out there.

    Most vendors, including SASCO will list their parts by part number. It really helps if you have a copy of the parts manuals. You need to check the circuit to diagnose the problem. It could be the guage, the sending unit or something in between. Good luck.

    Tom - Valrico, FL

    1964 Studebaker Daytona - 289 4V, 4-Speed

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  • JDP
    After market tach is a piece of cake,(usually 4 wires, Ignition switch, coil, dash lights, ground) factory (63-64) requires a sender as well as the tach and bezel.

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    64 Daytona HT/R2 clone
    64 Daytona R2
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  • th12t33n
    started a topic Gauges


    Well let me start with a big thanks to whoever reads and chimes in.

    Get down to business, i want to install a tach on my lark but I haven't ever installed one is this a complicated procedure at all?

    Also i figure while im under the dash doing a little bit of wiring i would see whats up with my Temp gauge and my Battery gauge, they seem to not be working any suggestions? Are the sending units available from Sasco for the temp gauge or do i have to outsource them?

    also anyone in the Flint, michigan area have a shop press they want to let me use so i can get these stupid rear leaf spring bushings out !!!!!!!! im bout to start hitting my own self with the hammer instead of them.

    62 Lark Hardtop, 289 v8 stude power.