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Which V8 camshaft do I have?

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  • Engine: Which V8 camshaft do I have?

    I rebuilt an R-1 engine about 20 years ago, and in the interest of trying to get better gas mileage and not having to use premium fuel, I made a few adjustments to it. Firstly, I used dished pistons. Secondly, I think I may have used a standard 289 camshaft instead of the R-1, but I really cannot remember definitively if I really did.

    So, here's the question: Is there any way I can determine which cam I used without removing it from the engine?


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    Having had both cams in an engine, I remember the differences as being a slight lope at idle for the R-1 cam, and worse gas mileage with the R-1. So if you have a slight lope, and get 15mpg or so on the highway, you might have an R-1.


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      Put a dial indicator on a valve spring retainer. The stock cam has about .360" lift and the R1 has about .400".

      jack vines