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Valves, OHV 6 cyl

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  • Valves, OHV 6 cyl

    It's been known for some time that the Stude V8 benefits from larger than stock intake valves. Would the OHV 6 cyl also benefit from larger intake valves, and if so, are there any out there? Along those same lines, is there a grind for the cam that helps?

    I know Cathcart and others have done a lot with the Champ six flathead. And over the years people have tossed their OHV 6 cylinder engines in the trash heap because of cracking cylinder heads. But I believe that problem can be solved with hardened valve seats. Given the newfound concerns regarding mileage I think perhaps the OHV 6 cyl engine deserves a second look.

    But I concede that nothing looks cooler than a flathead.

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    Dear Casey:

    I also build Stude 6's, OHV's and flatheads. I am tryin to get the person at SDC to add a search engine tool to the site that will enable us to search by subject, instead of dates. I plan on doing a lot of entries in a "Stude 6" catagory.

    Give me a call sometime.
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      For normal driving and no other, you won't see much advantage.

      Now stick in a bigger cam, do some head porting work, larger carbuetor, headers, more rear gear, etc., etc. Then yes...larger valves (espically intake) will help.