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700r4 Swap with the 2 Piece drive shaft. Help please.

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  • Drive Shaft: 700r4 Swap with the 2 Piece drive shaft. Help please.

    I would like to correspond with anyone who has put the 700r4 in a C or K while shortening and adding a GM yoke to the original drive shaft and support bearing.
    I have already modified the "batwing" crossmember so it clears the transmission but would like to know if any spacers were used under the transmission mount in order to get good angles on the u-joints.
    If the rear of the transmission was raised did it create a clearance problem with car body?

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    If I may..

    It has no bearing on the type of transmission, engine, car, body style, rear to getting the engine angle vs. the rear axle angle correct..!
    If you'd have first measured the original angle, you could have set it back to its original angle....did you ?

    If the pinion angle is 5 degrees up, the engine/trans. should be 5 degrees down.
    So...measure the pinion angle, then translate that to the engine/trans. with the opposite angle + vs. - .

    On my hot rod Lark wagon, While the enitre system IS adjustable...I set the pinion at a 2 degree angle up, the engine/trans is a two degree down angle.



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      If you have already put in the 700R4 you have probably modified the trans tunnel near the firewall.

      I'm with Mike here, I have a 700R4 in my 54K and a one piece driveshaft. In my case DS 3 dn/Pinion 3 up. Mine has an SBC and I found 65 Impala shaft was a direct fit.

      The reason I mentioned the modified tunnel is I decided to raise the shaft tunnel slightly but take a look at your situation first. The modification you are suggesting is possible but really would leave a very short front shaft.



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        Mike, This is a 2 piece drive shaft with 3 U-joints not a simple one piece. I know how to set those up. I am looking for information from someone WHO HAS DONE what I wish to do and believe there are some on this forum who have.
        Bob, Is there a minimum length for a drive shaft?
        I appreciate your replies, however they do not address the questions that I have asked.


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          Not a TH700, but I kept the 2 piece drive shaft in my '54 Starliner with a 327 and T10.

          Pinion angle has nothing to do with it. That remains stock and set from the center bearing to the rear end.

          I had to shorten the forward portion of the two piece shaft just a few inches and attached the Chevy yoke. The short section of the drive shaft was essentially level from the output shaft of the transmission to the center bearing. No problems in 35,000 miles.

          A T10 is a lot smaller than a TH700 and I just had to weld a tab on the bat wing crossmember to mount it...

          Dick Steinkamp
          Bellingham, WA


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            This is what worked for me, but what's more important is the Dana/Spicer is so full of useful info. There have been many posts about vibrations with 2pce driveshafts in Studes, both modified and stock, and there have been many links to mucho info on the internet, I read all the links and posts, and decided the Dana/Spicer one was the best one for me to follow as it provided simple language and awesome diagrams that I figured I could (and did) follow, and best thing is it worked for me and my car. Try it out, and good luck. Regards, Junior.

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            1954 C5 Hamilton car.