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Installing window regulator in 1966 Cruiser

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  • Body / Glass: Installing window regulator in 1966 Cruiser

    I've never tried to do this, but I do have the shop manual. Even so, does anyone here have tips on removing and replacing the front left window regulator in my 1966 Cruiser. I've heard that the window run will be ruined and the vent window assembly must be removed. I've also heard that the cat whiskers in the window slot will be ruined. Do I have to take the window all the way out? If I read the manual right it looks the unit should be installed through the rectangular cutout in the inner door sheet metal.

    Well, any knowledgeable warnings and advise would be nice. Thanks.
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    If you follow the book, you should be fine. You won't ruin the whiskers unless they are already half shot, or sun baked. Be sure you have new rollers handy, otherwise you may find you are wasting your time. Rollers are 6 bucks /set depending where you shop. ( I stock them if needed)


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      I don't have any new rollers. How can I buy them from you? I could send a little check in the mail if you want. Are new clips required, too?
      " the exception in individuals, but the rule in groups" - Nietzsche.


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        If your just replacing the regulator then you dont have to remove the vent window assy. I would suggest disconnecting the regulator arms from the lower glass channel. This is easily done by removing the spring loaded "U" shaped clips. Take a piece of wood made into a wedge shape, raise the door glass up at least 3/4 of the way (the higher the better), remove the 4 screws holding the regulator & the 2 holding the adjustment channel & carefully remove the regulator. One more thing. Before you do anything, after removing the inner trim panel, vacuum the inside of the door from all the debris that has collected for the past 33+ years. That way if any parts fall down you can see them easily.
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          Scott, I sent a PM to you. Thanks