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  • Engine: Rear main crank seal


    I've been working on a 47 studebaker 6 cylinder. It's the coupe engine, not the heavy duty one. I'm slightly confused about the rear main seal. Apparently it doesn't seem to have one other than the screw thread cut in the journal which would, when rotating, tend to wash the oil back into the engine. Is there a modification or update that people have been using for an improved seal? I'm OK putting it together this way if that's how it's normally done but if there's been an improvement, I would like to take advantage of it.

    Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Interesting question, the '47-'50 Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog shows the Brummer, Rubber/Steel Oil Seal of the type used in all 1947 to 1964 Studes. I have ever seen. But the listing for it does say: used on and after Engine Serial Number, 284200 which would, I believe be an early 1947 Champion (6G) 169 cid small 6.

    The picture and Parts Listing do not show or say what was used PRIOR to that #!

    All body styles of Studebakers have the same Engine, I guess you mean your's is a Champion, not a Commander Big 6.

    Are you SURE you are not talking about the Front Timing Cover Seal?
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      The 46 M-series pick up I rebuilt last year had no rear seal. it had the screw thead cut in the crank with a drain tube going back in to the pan in the bottom of the rear main cap. The gasket set did come with a rear seal but it wouldn't work.
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        Thanks much for the replies. Yes, I am talking about the rear and not front cover and yes again, it's out of a pickup. This helps me quite a bit as experience goes a long way. I just wanted to make sure I was not missing an opportunity to seal it better if someone had a better way. This gives me peace of mind to go ahead and put the crank in and move ahead.

        Thanks again guys.