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  • Transmission / Overdrive: 62 Hawk

    I have a 62 Hawk with the 289 engine and it is connected to the automatic transmission. I have two problems. (Well three if you count my wife!)

    After warming up the oil pressure of the engine drops to 10 PSI. But there is no knocking!

    Next is the transmission is not shifting into final gear. I have adjusted the throttle linkage but this changes nothing. I also drained the fluid and found nothing in the pan.

    Any soluations come to mind?

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    Oil pressure is to be read at 40 mph in high gear with a warm engine. Should be around 40 psi, Studebakers will live forever at 20 psi at this point, assuming no long runs at 5000 rpm.

    Not shifting into final gear..... how many shifts does it make? normal condition would be one, almost all start in second.


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      I am sure it is not shifting into the final gear. My tach is not working but @ 40 MPH the engine is turning very high RPM's. This engine has a direct fan blade, seven I think and it sounds like it is ready to fly!


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        how many shifts does it make?


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          If you have one shift in D position, it is working right as a Studebaker V8 car normally starts in second gear. From a dead stop, shift it into L and accelerate up to about 10 mph and move it to D--if you see/feel a shift then, it was in 1st and shifted into 2nd. Keep on accelerating and it should shift into final gear at about 20 mph or so. If you have a low gearing on the rear end, ie 3.73 or higher, the car will be good for acceleration but be very very busy. Automatics usually had 3.54 (in the 50s) or 3.31 or something on that order--or numerically lower still, I think on the Larks. My 60 Hawk always sounded extremely busy, but was still accelerating at a real (GPS) 85 mph.

          Other things that might be affecting it:
          you have a lot shorter tires (diameter) than the original bias tires...this can make a big difference.
          your seven bladed (?) fan might be making it sound like its going to take off.


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            I am in the mode of adjusting the linkage from the carb to the transmission. The one on there now is not the original. Maybe this is why I can not shift into the final (3rd) gear. Does any one have a "ball" park meaurement for this?


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              Do you have any idea of the lenght of the rod from the carb to the bell crank for the trany?