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V8 Truck v. Car Flywheel

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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: V8 Truck v. Car Flywheel

    It looks like I have a truck flywheel for an 11" clutch, in that the pressure plate bolt circle is 12 5/8". Having read several threads here about clutches, if I understand correctly, a V8 car flywheel would be setup for a 10 to 10.5" clutch, and have a bolt circle of 11 5/8". Is this correct?

    Also, if I should decide to run the truck setup, will the 11" pressure plate work with a passenger car bellhousing?

    Joe H

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    Depends on the clutch cover. It will not fit in a 51-57 car housing. You might have to grind a little on the 58 up car housing. Some you might have to use a truck housing. But why go through all the hassle when a 10 1/2" is good enough for 300 HP.


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      Originally posted by Alan View Post
      But why go through all the hassle when a 10 1/2" is good enough for 300 HP.
      I am trying to prep for a weekend engine swap, once finished with reassembly of a 289 I am currently rebuilding. The old engine is still in the car, and driven almost daily. Rather than buy disc, surface flywheel, send off PP core for rebuild, etc. after removel of the old engine, I was trying to gather everything together before-hand, since I have a lot of extra stuff laying around anyway. It seems the extra flywheel is for a truck however, so trying to be careful about interchangability before gathering the parts.