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  • Electrical: Need a vacuum advance

    I need a vacuum advance for a delco distributor the distributor number is 11108393-3D10 , it is supposedly off a 57 silver hawk 289 , but I can't confirm , I would prefer a new one if possible thanks guys .
    Joseph Kastellec

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    Is there a cross reference available for this distributor ?
    Joseph Kastellec


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      Special Interest Autos in Rowlett, Texas rebuilds vacuum advances. They do a good job, and do them "show quality" if necessary. I sent him mine, and he said they didn't have a rebuilt, but had a new one that would adapt. He sent it to me, and I cannot tell the difference between the two. Works great. His Phone/Fax: 1-800-634-2469 (US only). E-mail is


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        Joe: The older NAPA Echlin number for that vacuum advance is VC395.

        You might call NAPA and see if they can supply one, or have a more current interchange number. BP
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          Play with (raise) the initial and the mechanical advance a little.
          I haven't used a vacuum advance canester for years..



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            Did you find a vacuum advance at NAPA? I had them research a vacuum advance for a Delco, and they could not find one. Just wondering how you did with your search.