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Need some color information

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  • Need some color information

    I'm in the final stages of restoring my 52 Starliner. All the mechanical, wiring, brake work and body work are done, and the car is pretty well all back together and is now in final primer. I am now doing all the paint detail work, engine compartment, door jambs, and trunk, etc. This is where I need some help from you knowledgeable forum members. The car is Maui blue with a Nocturne blue roof. I would like to know what color the underside of the hood, and the underside of the trunk lid would have been from the factory. Also what color should the inside of the trunk be?
    I would also like to say that the most useful tool I have used on this restoration, has been this Studebaker Drivers Club Forum, I have found the answers to many of my problems and questions in other threads on this forum. Keep up the great work folks.
    Thanks, Rodger

    Rodger Wilson AKA.old cr8
    52 Starliner
    Ontario Canada & Ocala FL

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    Most U.S. built trunks were a grayish tan also the lid, if I remember correctly. The underside of the hoods were usually primer with body color overspray and a insulation hiding most of it. The primer color was different on U.S. vs Canadian cars. Someone who owns an ORIGINAL '47-'52 model needs to help out here. But what I really wanted to say is: IS this a Canadian built car?
    Most detail items like this ARE different!

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    Second Generation Stude Driver,
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      Only the top and the wheels should be Nocturne Blue. The firewall, inner fenders, underside of hood are all body color. The hood latch is left bare. The radiator air deflecter is semi-gloss black.
      I'm not certain about the trunk, but I think the bottom is sprayed with that black sound deadener, not painted, and some of it is oversprayed up onto the wheel wells. Wheel wells, threshhold, and brace for package shelf are body color. Other cars have the sound deadener completely covering the wheel weels too and not painted. I don't know if that is a mid-year change, or different factory procedures, or what.
      The under side of the trunk lid has the sound deadener sprayed inside the open panels, and then the whole under side is painted body color.

      Dwain G.


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        I've been under the impression that things were done diferently between the LA plant and South Bend.[}]

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          I have a 52 Champion Starliner from late year South Bend production. Also originally Maui Blue (but ivory top).

          It had one repaint, but a cheapie so not into the trunk. All of this area was a light grey color. Grey on top of sound deadener, Gray on underside of trunk.

          Sound deadener or whatever this stuff was! I removed tons of it with a sharpened putty knife and a hammer. (Horrible work. Probably I am the only one stupid enough to go through this effort, but I had a lot of welding to do here. Probably took years off my life from asbestos poisoning).

          Best pictures I still have are these, but it shows the color, and about where the sound deadener stuff was.

          52 hardtop


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            Thank you all for the help. This car was built in South Bend.
            Your answers helped confirm what I thought some of the colors should be, except reversed to what StudeRich thought,as the underside of the trunk lid was
            primer (the old almost brown red oxide), and I couldn't tell if the underside of the hood was black, dark blue or a bluish dark grey. I guess the trunk was pretty original, as it is a medium grey with black sound deadener on the floor and some Maui blue overspray on the inner fenders,etc., like Dan's car. So, gee, now that I have this info, I guess I will have to get back to work again.
            As I said before this forum is better than sliced bread,, It would take a library full of books to to hold the information you folks so willingly share.
            PS.Tried to post a couple of pictures, but I guess I gotta figure out what I'm not doing right, but click the link to see the engine compartment.


            Rodger Wilson AKA.old cr8
            52 Starliner
            Ontario Canada & Ocala FL


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              Great project. The interior color of grey and that hard to remove under spray stuff sounds exactly like what I have seen on junk yard cars and my own 53 Champ.