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  • oil type

    Hi, I just had my 62 Lark rebuilt professionally.(289 V8) I am ready to change the oil after the 500 mile break in. I have read in "Old Cars Weekly" that modern oil will destroy older engines or older engines that have been rebuilt. Do any of you all have an oil recommendation for me? Type, brand, and weight? I would have to destroy my new engine. Thanks.

    David G. Nittler
    David G. Nittler

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    there has been quite a discussion on the forum in recent months,
    but others will agree that you should be using a diesel rated
    oil. I will attach the most recent link, as there has been a
    change, in the formual, of how the diesel rated oils are made up.

    What you should use in your "Stude" is the older CI-4 or CI-4 Plus
    diesel rated oil, which is still available, but may have to look for it.

    The following is an earlier discussion:

    Hope this helps

    1964 Daytona
    glen Brose
    Tumbleweed Flats, AZ


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      Thnaks Tu Papa

      David G. Nittler
      David G. Nittler


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        Funny thing...I've been using plain ol Castrol GTX in my 259 powered Lark for the 8 or so years that I've owned a daily driver...with no ill effects!

        The ONLY place current oil MAY give fits is the cam shaft and lifters.
        If you are concerned, add a can of GM's "EOS" at oil changes. That is what it was designed and lifter breakin.