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  • Shocks: Lark Rear Shock Mount Question

    When I disassembled my rear suspension, I found that the previous owner had used duct tape on the rear shock mounts. Now that I got the correct Gabriel shocks, I found a problem. Let me try to describe. On the shock mount plates (the ones that hold the U-Bolts on the springs) there is a bolt that is usde on the lower end of the shock. There is also a split sleeve on this bolt. This is what was covered in duct tape to tighten what must have been incorrect shocks. Because the bolts and the split sleeves are tight on both, I assumed that they were an assembly with the plate. But now that I have the new shocks, it looks like only the bolt should be there, and maybe the split sleeve was added by previous owner. I read the Service Manual and no pictures, but it does tell you which direction to insert the bolt, so I assume this means that the bolt is "loose". So am I correct that there should just be a bolt and not a sleeved bolt on the rear shock mounts? Like I said mine are rock solid, but that's probably the effect of age and rust. Can anyone help me with the correct installation? Thanks.

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    We need pictures.


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      If it helps any: when I swapped in a Ford Granada 8" rear end in place of the Dana 27 in my 1962 Lark; I ordered up new spring plates since the axle tube width was 3" vs. 2.5" and used generic 1/2" (?) bolts, washers and nuts to secure the rear (eyelet style) shocks in place.

      In your case: if it takes those sleeves to snug up thinner lower shock bolts, go for it. Remember we aren't dealing with Porsches, etc. that of a fraction of a millimeter off anywhere will create problems.

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        Basically, I guess the question would be is the shock held on by just the bolt thru the plate, or is there some sort of sleeve over the bolt. Mine has the sleeve, but it looks like it might be left over from an old shock, but held in place by corrosion between the sleeve annd bolt.


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          Nobody answered your question yet but the answer is as you guessed. The split sleeve is from a previous shock absorber and in fact if you have the correct replacement shocks then a similar sleeve should be pressed into the lower rubber bushing. So, by whatever means, remove the old sleeve, clean up the old bolt, and you should be ready to install the replacement shock.


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            Sure if the bolt will snuggly fit the new shocks without the sleeve definately just remove it, you are correct that more common "Wrong" Shocks do have a larger Eye for the bolt which probably is why the sleeves and tape are there.

            This must be a 1962 or older Lark because the "Eye" mount shocks were changed to "Stud' mount at the bottom in '63.
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              Yep it's a 62. The sleeve is split and when I put a thin dremel wheel in the groove, rubber was in it, so that confirms it. Now to work doing what the previous owner couldn't....getting it off.


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                No way those sleeves were going to come off, so I cut the bolt head off one side, then the bolt and sleeve off the other. Tried to knock out the bolt piece still in there using heat and cold. No luck. So I drilled each out starting with 1/4, then 5/16, then 7/16 which is what the bolt is. As I got close, the remaining bit of bolt kinda popped out of each. I'm glad I didn't waste too much time trying to save those old bolts. I bought new 7/16 grade 8 bolts and washers and I'll be ready to go as they are a perfect fit with the shocks.