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    I will conduct a compression test .When I remove the breather cap I get puffs of white smoke that smells like oil burning. I do not get any smoke out of the exhaust. Thats why I think it is rings. I replaced leaky valve cover gaskets as they were leaking on to exhaust manifold and just fumed up the car.I have a 289 that might run ok, jusy 1 cylinder(#3) is a bit pitted, i can not get an .008 feeler gauge past the top rings on any of the cylinders only 1 has the pitting and it is cleaning up.I spun the oil pump with a drilll and it sent oil out 6 different holes far, pistons spin with hand force on crank pully.heads have some rust but valves were moving up and down. I am going to drop the pan check bearings, crank, cam lifters and if they look ok . I think I will plastic gauge and put back together if in spec. Lap the valves bolt it together and see what happens.
    I would really like to find a running 289 for a great price and just put it in my car. Is any one selling or be interested in trading for some core engines and cash for a great a 289 engine the more complete the better. I am in phoenix arizona
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