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  • Engine: PCV Connection ?

    Is the rear port on a modern Edelbrock 500 okay for a PCV valve or do you have to use the port/nipple on the front? Are they not the same?

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    Edelbrock will tell you to drill and tap the front of the carburetor between the full-time and ported vacuum connections for the PCV. It supposedly eliminates some problems caused by installing the PCV like Carter originally did. I'm not sure of the reason why but if you contact Edelbrock tech department they can explain it and walk you through it.
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      I just want to know if I can use the rear port (has threaded plug) for a PCV valve.There is a dedicated nipple on the front for PCV that I have been using but the rear is so close.


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        You can use either, but it is best to use the front. If you use the rear, you'll be prone to fouling the rear spark plugs on a regular basis, so I was told by the Edelbrock tech man several years ago.