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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: clutch won't return

    Was shifting to 2nd in my '51 Champion, clutch will not return from floorboard. Some ideas- suggestions as to cause? Any help appreciated. louis m.- sacramaneto

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    Check the cross shaft and coupling sleeve from the Clutch Housing to the frame, you may have broken the coupling sleeve where the holes for the clevis pin (pins) are.

    I hope you did not break the levers off of the INTERNAL cross shaft inside the Clutch Housing, because I think you know what that means.
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      As StudeRich says, broken pins on the coupling sleeve, and maybe a cracked sleeve also, are the most common causes of this. Be sure to lubricate the zerk fitting on the bell housing where the clutch shaft goes in. These never get lubed and this causes the broken pins and cracked couplings.

      I bought both of my 50 Champions for good prices because "the clutch was bad" and both times the fix was replacing a broken pin.
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        Welcome to the Forum!

        Best idea I have is to jack it up or put it on a hoist and see if something that should be connected is no longer connected. If all appears intact, have someone move the clutch pedal while you are underneath and see what doesn't move that should.
        Easy to speculate on line; impossible to diagnose. You may see that which is obvious.
        Come back with your observations.
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          Also chek that the pinch bolt hasn't slipped where the rod from the pedal attatches to the pivot shaft going across to the bell housing.