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what are the tough rebuild parts to find (if needed) for a 289 for 57 Golden Hawk?

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  • Engine: what are the tough rebuild parts to find (if needed) for a 289 for 57 Golden Hawk?

    I have a good friend coming to visit next week who is (was) a professional mechcanic. I'm not rebuilding my 57 GH 289 yet, saving that until last (most fun! Incentive! :- ) but while he is here, I thought we'd pull the heads and drop the pan, and generally look it over, maybe the mike the cylinders, etc... Will still end up taking it somewhere for manga-fluxing and honing and things someday, but I'm wondering what, if any, are the "tough parts to come by" if I should need them, and if we can determine that now, I can be looking for those parts over the next year or so before I get to the engine rebuild phase. I recall reading somewhere that there was something in the valve train or rocker-arms, or cam bearings, or ??? that are tough and not reproduced and not interchangeable with the Big 3's designs.... Anything specific I should look for and check now while he is here next week?
    Thanks, and Happy new Year!
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    Just the MONEY to buy the my case


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      isn't that the truth!! With five kids under age 15, that is one reason I have no worries about getting anywhere near the engine rebuild for at least a year or two. Last year at this time I rebuilt my Flightomatic, first step in the project, doing my two favorite parts "first" and "last" (leaving the engine as motivation to get everything else, like bodywork, done that I don't like to do but can't afford to pay others to do.)
      Speaking of, heading out to the shop on my few remaining vacation days here to grind down some of my ugly first Mig-welding attempts. Fortunately floor panel so not on display all the time, but will be spending some time with a grinder today, let's just say that. :-)


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        Remember not to grind too long on one spot, you can warp panels with a grinder just as easily as a welder if you are not careful. Dont ask me how I know that....

        I have an 18 year old daughter in college and I know the expenses you have coming...get your car done


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          Originally posted by kmac530 View Post
          Just the MONEY to buy the my case
          I can identify. As far as expected expense, unless you have a friend in a machine shop, expect the rebuild to cost $2000-3000. I am currently rebuilding a full-flow 289 that's total around $2500. It woulda been more, but I already had a set of rebuilt heads with around 3,500 miles on them, and an NOS timing gear. The machine shop labor was around $1000. I prefer to do all disassembly and reassembly; I'd hate to think what it'd cost if they did that part too.


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            When someone is asking for an estimate for a stock rebuild, I always say, "Around $1500 for parts and around $1500 for cleaning, machining and assembly. The cleaning is by far the hardest part. It's hours of sheer grunt work if one doesn't have a pressure washer, bake oven, parts washer and shot blaster. It's still hours, just less hands-on.

            jack vines


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              If the cleaning didn't have to be done, engine work would be FUN!!!
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                Originally posted by starliner62 View Post
                If the cleaning didn't have to be done, engine work would be FUN!!!
                I worked part time in a restoration/repair shop where the owner sent customers away to get their engines cleaned (usually steam) before he would start ot work on their engine or engine compartment.
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