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  • Interior: seat base

    My '49 2R10 has the stationary back type of seat. There is a hinge at the top of the seat back, and a connection at the bottom of the seat back to the base and the base has a plate in it with 3 holes on each side of the base, and then there is 2 pins that stick up from the floor of the truck cab.

    You lift the front of the seat and pull it an inch or 2 forward and push it backdown over the pin to adjust the seat base.
    The problem is that the seat back just moves at the bottom, the seat back top stays attached to the same spot on the rear of the cab so as you move the base forward the back feels more like it is reclining.

    My daughter plans on driving the truck and she is only 5'4" and I am 6' so the seat just does not really work for both of us.

    Bob K has a seat frame {or had} that is the optional style with the adjusting slider that he may be willing to sell to me, but it has No spring base and no spring back. It is ONLY the steel tubing of the frame.

    So my question is, does anyone know if my spring base and spring back with fit into that tubular sliding frame?

    My existing seat needs new padding and everything but the spring base is in decent shape so I plan on reusing it. I am just hoping that the actual seats with fit into or onto the frame Rosco has...

    Thanks guys and ladies.

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    If Bob can't come up with one, I have a sliding frame and the seat that goes on it for sale. Not too far away from you in Kingman, AZ.
    Kingman, AZ


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      Thanks Rick.
      Bob ended up not having one. I will PM you to check price n avail....hmmm maybe I could see your beautiful 2R.....