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DG150 floor shifter kit?

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: DG150 floor shifter kit?

    Some of you may remember the Keystone Region Chapter is attempting to help the Jaffa Mosque Shriners convert their 1950 Champion double ended clown parade car to an automatic transmission.
    The transmission, torque convertor and bell housing are ready but, we have had no luck so far finding the necessary steering column and commensurate linkages that are peculiar to the 1950 Champion automatic.
    Should those prove to be unavailable, is there a floor shift kit that would work on the DG150?

    Here's the vehicle in question at the 1980 SDC International in Gettysburg.

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    Try Lokar performance prod. Knoxville,Tn. They manufacture a vast variety of shifters and related hardware. Knowing that 99% of thier shifters are gated for "R" behind "P" they may have one for a powerglide that could be made to work and also provide neutral saftety. They have a tech line and that's where I'd start.
    Hope this helps,


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      On the later cars, the automatic transmission is controlled from the same clevis that controls the 2-3 shift in a stick. Is it not the same in a 50?
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