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1956 Golden Hawk Differential Assembly

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  • Rear Axle: 1956 Golden Hawk Differential Assembly

    Since the '56 Golden Hawk had a Packard engine and could have a Packard transmission, could it also have a Packard Twin Traction differential assembly? Thanks, Dan

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    The above URL is an article on the Warner T-85 transmissions whose initial use was in V8 applications.....55 Packard and Mercury's.....1956 Studebakers and 57 turbo charged Thunderbirds according to the article. It was improved on over the next number of years and used by many car manufacturers. I am doing a complete body off restoration on one of my 56 Golden Hawks. I found a twin traction differential out of a 63 GT and am using it with an LS1. It did not come with twin traction.....none of my 56's have it.


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      Twin Traction wasn't available on any Studebaker-branded passsenger car until the 1957 model year.

      Packard was given a one-year exclusive in 1956 as the corporation's prestige make. BP
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        making the T-85/89 transmission both very strong and very heavy. Its initial use was in performance V-8 engine applications such as 1955 Packards and Mercurys, 1956 Studebakers and the turbocharged 1957 Ford Thunderbirds.
        guy I knew bought a brand-new turbocharged '57 Tbird. That sumbich was faster 'n heck. Nothing could keep up with it.

        Yeah, Hemmings, get a clue and hire a proofreader on technical articles. Correct terminology is essential. I wouldn't get so mad about it but once it's posted on the etheric, it never dies. Someone, somewhere fifty or a hundred years from now will be citing that Hemmings article as proof Ford offered a turbocharged '57 Thunderbird and that every '56 Studebaker came with a T85.

        (For those who care, only a very few '57 Thunderbirds were equipped with a McCulloch supercharger. The few 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk with the Packard V8 and standard transmission had the T85 with overdrive. The "performance" '55 Packard was the Caribbean and they were all automatics; none were factory-equipped with the T85. Only T85s documented were Clippers.)

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          Several years ago, I bought what was sold to me as a '56 GH TT rear end. It's in my back yard. Never used it but sure have wanted to to put it in my '54 LC. Weighs a ton!

          The guy showed me the serial # tag to prove it was TT, but since I didn't know one from the other, I just said "thanx" and went on my way. I've even forgotten where the SN tag is located. Maybe I just bought a nice shiny tag on a standard rear end?