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Avanti 1001 Restoration Update

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  • Body / Glass: Avanti 1001 Restoration Update

    Hi everyone!
    After 40 years, the Avanti #1001 is no longer Green Sparkle!

    The car has been completely stripped by our volunteer Avanti Rescue team up in Bellingham, Washington under the direction of James Bell. James has put in hundreds of volunteer hours on the project and I am so extremely grateful for his time and passion for the project. In final preparation for paint removal, his crew cleared everything under the car out-- the driveline, brake and fuel lines, exhaust, etc. so they wouldn’t be in the way of the frame to blast. They swapped out the rear end with a temporary one and will replace new leaf springs and suspension from A-Arms out in front.

    The car went to Spokane Soda Works to remove the thick green paint.

    Don pretty much confirmed what James had suspected that there has been body work performed on the Left Hand front corner, Left Hand front fender wheel opening at top, rh front fender at wheel opening, Right Hand wiper stud area and the Right Hand rear 1/4 panel above wheel opening. He said other than that, the body looks pretty great.

    The car was transported the car to Sunnyside, Washington into the capable hands of long-time Studebaker Driver’s Club members Ron and DeAnne Hochhalter. The Hochhalter’s business, Advanced Collision Repair Service Center has generously donated all services to perform the needed body preparation and paint the car back to its original splendor. The car arrived just in time for the Central Washington Studebaker Driver’s Club Christmas party to be held at the shop that Saturday!

    The engine and transmission is now being gone through. Mike Gahlbeck at Studebakers Northwest is currently working on the engine, and all the car's stainless trim was shipped to Matthew Burnette in Fayetteville Georgia who will work his magic making it shine like new!

    Thank you all for your continued interest in the project...and all of you that have donated your support. We have a long way to go and a lot more needed to do. I will post more photos and links very soon.
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    Renee Crist
    Curator of Collections - LeMay-America's Car Museum
    Studebaker fan

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    I`m the only one here thats gonna miss that green paint .


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      Thats looking really Good, thanks very much Renee for posting those good Pics, it will definately be a DIFFERENT looking Car when done, a BIG improvement!
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        Thanks for the update and most importantly the photos.
        Mike - Assistant Editor, Turning Wheels
        Fort Worth, TX


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          Just getting that paint off must have lightened the car 10 pounds! Good show, guys. BP
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            Just a gentle nudge-- to the top of the page. If Avanti 1001 could talk
            ; I'm feeling much better now!! No longer GREEN around the gills LOL Lou Cote


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              Originally posted by aarrggh View Post
              I`m the only one here thats gonna miss that green paint .
              Actually, I'll miss it, too.
              (read it backwards)

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