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  • Engine: Oil flow controller

    I am rebuilding a 170 champion 6 .Finished cleaning the oil galley today and pulled out a Oil flow controller from the rear oil plug .The engine was rebuilt in the past ,bored 40 over the main bearings are 10 under and rod bearings 10 under. My understanding the oil flow controllers were used to reduce oil flow to lifters and increase oil pressure to the rod and main bearings. Lifters gap is .002 .
    Was this a common practice in the past?? the Flow controller was made by Perfect Circle Corp .
    I'm not going to reinstall the Oil flow controller but I am curious if any info is available about it.


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    Lifters gap is .002 .

    If I read this right, .002 is WAY to tight, should be .016 cold.


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      maybe he means the lifters in their bores...

      Why are you not gonna reinstall it?
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        I'd put it back. It may have some effect on oil pressure, but they were developed for the main purpose of controlling oil consumption. Without the restrictor the lifters get too much oil. Some of the oil goes up into the valve chamber and is inhaled into the combustion chamber. The oil that goes down is thrown onto the cylinder walls by the crankshaft, making it hard for the oil rings to control. That's why these came in piston ring sets.


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          the gap around the lifters in the bore is .002 . You are right ,gap for lifter to valve is .016 .Haven't got that far yet


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            It's there for a reason. I'd put it back.



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              Before you put it back could you please record the dimensions of it so I can make one for myself? Length, width, thickness. Is there a hole in the plug end to allow some oil through? What is it's size? A couple of pictures would also be nice. Thanks.
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                There have been some posts about the restrictors before. If the posters have not deleted them, there are pictures.
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