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What is the point gap on the dual points in an Avanti?

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  • Engine: What is the point gap on the dual points in an Avanti?

    I'm tuning up my 63 Avanti and it has dual points and I was wondering if .018 will be sufficient? I don't have a dwell meter. Thanks Tom

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    The manual says .019" is optimum. I would think the tolerance is probably .018"-.020" is fine. Adjusting to .018" allows for rubbing block wear and it stays within tolerance.
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      According to my shop manual...
      points .014 to .019... dwell 27 to 31 degrees BUT you need to block open one set of points while setting the dwell on the other. the manual suggests an insulator measuring at least .025" thick to do that.
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        I set 'em to .017, but most feeler gauges don't have that.
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          I have no real scientific reason for doing this, but I always set points at the wider allowable limit. My reasoning is that they will close toward the lower tolerance as the rubbing block wears.

          I set spark plug gaps toward the closer tolerance. In that case, I figure the gap will widen as the electrode burns away over time.

          It is just a "gut" mechanical judgement on my part. Some of you technical "junkies" might 'splain where my reasoning is faulty. It won't be the first time I have been corrected on the forum.
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            I do the same and have never had a problem.