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OK, what does a studebaker V8 really weigh and leaf spring rate

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  • Engine: OK, what does a studebaker V8 really weigh and leaf spring rate

    I searched the engine weight topic here and found answers from 625 to 710 pounds.
    So what does a 259 fully dressed weigh?
    Another question: What is the spring rate of 55 President rear leaf springs. I found lots of comments on front springs but nothing helpful on the rear ones.


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    The search function has your Spades....

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    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      Ready to install, complete, air cleaner to oil pan, fan to bell housing, a 259" weighs 695#.

      The rear springs are most likely 90#/in.

      jack vines


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        I have never checked the springs on a 55. I have had a number of 53's and they were all in the range of 135-140 lbs. inch. My 63 Avanti is 150 lbs. inch, on the rears. The dumbest thing I ever did was have a set of 200 lbs. inch springs built for the Avanti. It gave it a stink bug stance.