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Stude roller cams comming along nicely..

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  • Engine: Stude roller cams comming along nicely..

    Made a trip to the grinder this morning (Sunday). Yes, they do work some weekends..!
    Took a few shots of cams in the process...and just sitting around waiting their turn on the roughing grinder.
    Click on the "Stude roller cam" folder, after the new page loads...double click to enlarge.

    Note the lobes on the cam on the machine and the one of the trio...wouldn't you like to have those lobes on your Top Fuel Stude engine...?


    P.s. - none of the cams have been heat treated yet.

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    They really look good so far. I didn't get one as I don't have a need in the near future, but do you plan to have more made sometime in the future? I'd like to see what everyone gets out of them and how they figure out the lifters and pushrods. They really sound like the way to go, thanks for getting them made Mike. I hope to get involved when I do my next build. B.V.