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  • Electrical: bendix

    should the drive gear of the bendix be in the fully extended position when at rest?

    Bench testing before I install
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    I believe that normally it would be retracted but if it's extended (as happens when testing) it will stay that way until the engine spins it. You can install it with the Bendix extended and it will be fine.
    Jeff DeWitt


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      If you are bench testing the bendix gear should retract when you disconnect the positive cable


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        Have to disagree with jallen - once the Bendix is extended, it will remain out unless you install it on the car and fire the engine with it.

        However: Forum member Flashback posted a way to manually retract the Bendix in this thread.

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          There's more than one kind of starter drive, and right or wrong i've always called all of them 'Bendix'. Some retract automatically and some don't. The ones that don't, the flywheel will kick it back once it starts. It can be installed either way.

          Another point of confusion that comes up all the time is whether you have to have the polarity correct for bench doesn't matter, since a starter is series wound, it can only spin one way. Try it both ways, you'll see. You would have to switch the brush leads to make it go the opposite way. Same applies if you convert a pos ground car to neg ground, the starter doesn't care
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