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T86 trans and a truck bell housing fit a 51 champion?

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: T86 trans and a truck bell housing fit a 51 champion?

    We have a 51 champion with the T96 trans . We want to install a T86 trans as it is heavier duty, as we are redoing the 6 with more power. We found a trans and bell housing out of a pickup with the overhead 6. The bell housing is about 2 inches longer than the car bell housing. Will the truck one fit without modifing the floor boards? We have heard that the 47-50 champions had a t86 with a champion bell housing and the shorter input shaft like the t-96. Any one have one of these?
    Thanks David and Shane

    any one have one of

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    The problem with the truck bellhousing is that it does not have the rear motor mount like a passenger car. You would have to custom make a rear mount. And if it is a V8 housing you will have to find a support plate off a 7 or 8 E5. Those are made of unobtainum.


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      I've fought that battle from the other direction, a truck with a car bellhousing, and believe me it's MUCH easier with the right parts!

      Keep something in mind though, I believe the T96 was used on some V8 cars. If it was strong enough to stand up to that it will stand up to your warmed up six.
      Jeff DeWitt


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        Yes , much easier with the right parts, so anyone have them? champion 6 to T86 trans? Distance between vertical bolts is about 6 inches, instead of 4 for the T96. As for a T96 being strong enough, I understand if you gave them much bigfoot at all, the champion 6 had no trouble taking out 1st gear. I think the 86 was standard for the 8's, with the golden Hawks and some trucks having the even stronger T 85 thanks David


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          I could be wrong, as I have only heard but not seen, that the Lark Taxis had a t86 that attached to the OHV 6. Might see if you could find one of those bell housings.