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  • Engine: Oil Pressure Relief

    Can anyone speak as to the design and placement of the Studebaker V8 oil pressure relief valve? What was the design intent? Why was it placed at the front of the engine rather than on the pump? Is anything oiled intermittently by it's opening?
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    In theory, an oil pressure relief valve at the far end of the oiling system insures there is full pressure everywhere before any pressure is bled off. In practice, a properly designed valve in the pump works just as well.
    Is anything oiled intermittently by it's opening?
    Nothing which depends on that open flow for wear protection. On most Studes, once the engine begins to warm, the valve never opens. Here, the Shop Manual is your friend. "When oil pressure is below 50#, the timing gears are lubricated by a small hole. When the pressure is above 50#, the valve opens and oil is diverted directly to the gears."

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