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Avanti 1001 shocks vs production shocks

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  • Shocks: Avanti 1001 shocks vs production shocks

    Question for the Avanti guys: Are your spring plates like the early cars the only difference being that it has an extra shock tab welded onto the side of it (shock uses a bolt and nut) or do they share the Lark Hawk spring plate with shock tab that has just a hole for the stud instead of a bolt?

    I went shopping for new bolts and can't find the right ones, anyone have the AN bolt part number for proper shoulder and length?
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    Mike; it looks like they used the 1962 Type Shocks and Spring Plate on this car built early in '62.
    The Catalog shows that before Serial 1225 they used that Dual ear spring plate with G181678 7/16" -20 X 3 in. Bolts and 7/16 -20 Nuts to mount the lower end of the Shocks.
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      The shop manual shows the early shocks, and modified early plate--just double checking.

      The bolts are not a common shoulder size, and I recall that some new shocks do not have the right sleeves (?)

      I forget if we stock those shocks.