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Power Steering Fluid.. what to use?

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  • Engine: Power Steering Fluid.. what to use?

    The '57 President has cast into the lid of the power steering reservoir; "Use Type A Transmission Fluid".

    I realize that this PS system was one of the first and power steering specific fluid likely wasn't developed yet.

    I also know that auto trans fluids have changed a lot over the last 50 years.

    So, what should I use?

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    Whatever you put in the transmission, Matthew, put in the power steering system.

    Absolutely do not use currently-marketed Power Steering Fluid of any stripe. BP
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      x2 what Bob Palma said. I believe type F is the correct fluid. I've always used type F tranny fluid in both the automatic transmission and in the power steering.

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        Got it fellas. Thanks!


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          I use Dexron 3 in the power steering units on my 62 GT, 63 Avanti and my girlfriend's 63 Lark with good results meaning no leaks or noises. I don't believe using either Type F or Dexron will make much of a difference, I wouldn't mix it though. Bud


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            My understanding has always been Dexron will give smoother shifts and Type "F" will give firmer shifts. True or not I don't know...just what I've always been told since the '70s.
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              Your wagon has the saginaw PS setup right? I've got the same unit from a '57 hawk in my '53 and initially used dextron III ATF in it. Had problems with it whining. It was especially bad when driving on the interstate at 70 and then pulling off onto a exit. I think the ATF was foaming in the pump. It would quiet down some after a few minutes at idle but the whine never completely went away. I then tried some type FA and its a LOT better. Almost completely quiet at idle and no more horrible whining at speed.

              Jeff in ND


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                Originally posted by Gunslinger View Post
                My understanding has always been Dexron will give smoother shifts and Type "F" will give firmer shifts. True or not I don't know...just what I've always been told since the '70s.
                That is absolutely TRUE! BUT, Studebaker Borg Warner Transmissions were never designed to slip and slide shifts like a Turbo-Hydramatic, so Dextron is not the recommended replacement for Type A, only the next closest thing if that is all you have.

                But it is still better to drain and fill both the Converter & Trans. with all one type, so you are sure it is not mixed.
                I always put a bottle of the same Brand and Type in the Trunk so it can always be matched exactly, for any top-offs.
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                  I have been using STP brand power steering fluid now since the late 1990s in Studes, in both Saginaw and Bendix units. Works great, and a little smoother than ATF. However, I avoid anything with a leak-stop or seal softener additive, since destroying a Bendix unit several years ago.


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                    at work, we have found that a great way to get rid of p/s whine. replace the fluid with synthetic trans. fluid. don't do this if you have a leak, though. it will leak worse.
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