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  • Engine: V/8 Head Redesign

    At what point in time did Studebaker redesign the original '51 head design? And if so, was it multiple redesigns and when? This would be non-inclusive of the 304.5 engines. Thanks, Dan

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    I think the answer you are looking for is 1955. Look in the tech articles on head castings.


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      Studebaker never really did a "redesign" of their V-8 heads. Just slight changes in the intake ports and a few other places that don't effect bolt on parts.

      They increased the intake port volume twice (for three different volumes) and the exhaust once (for two). The combustion chamber never really changed much eather, save for "some" slight machining changes, mostly in the R3 design.

      But overall, the intake and exhaust port shape's have essentually remained the same. Even the R3's just a taller version of the same thing.

      The exhaust manifolds will fit all...of the studebaker heads.
      The intake manifolds have the three sizes noted above. The early 50's thru the end of the Stude engine...all of the intakes will fit and work with all of the standard and R1, R2 version engines.
      The only intake that won't work in standard or R1/R2 heads is the R3/R4 intakes. These (R3/R4) heads/intake manifolds aren't interchangable with the rest of the vareations.

      A simplefication of what could be a long drawn out answer.
      Hope that helps.



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        The exhaust manifolds will fit all...of the studebaker heads.
        The 232 exhaust manifolds are different and will not work on the 1955 and up heads. The heads will interchange, but the newer exhaust manifold will also have to be changed for the later heads to work on the 232 engine.