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  • Fuel System: Fuel pump

    Hello everybody, I have 1955 Studebaker Commander Coupe 259 engine/ auto transmission
    I need to change my fuel pump because of diafragm damage, on my pump I see 4227 serial number, my local napa car part store has one it looks exactly same but the serial number is 2211. Can I use this 2211 pump for my car??
    Thank you

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    There is a guy that does a wonderful rebuilding fuel pumps

    I looked for awhile for a fuel pump that will work on my Avanti to no avail. I bought one that is really for a Chrysler and the arm had to be bent and other modifications to be done. I found Hal Houghton in NY and he rebuilt my pump better than new and the turnaround was a week. Really a great guy His number is 518 374 5078. Really a nice guy. Tell him Tom in SC sent you.


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      If the Pump actuating ARM is the same, it will "work", just keep in mind that it probably is an Airtex Manufactured or AC design no matter what Name it goes by if it has the Laminated steel plate Arm and it WILL leak Oil from the Lever Pin which is DRIVEN right through the case.

      Only a Real "Carter" Pump that says so on the Case, not the box is a good leakproof Pump and those are not available new. If you have one keep it to be rebuilt, before your new one starts leaking Oil.

      Here is the difference:
      An AC Clone made by Airtex and sold under many names, even Carter currently. The latest version has none of those two lower housings at all, no filter. Note the laminated & riveted lever and sharp edges on the upper housing, not rounded like Carter.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	V-8 Fuel Pump Airtex.jpg
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      Original Stude./Carter for all '55-'64 V-8, non-"R" Series and non-Supercharged Engines. the later ones for Lark Types have a metal filter bowl with a more modern Paper Element instead of this stone type.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Carter Fuel Pump V-8.jpg
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