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how to install windshield reveal molding on 1948 land Cruiser 1 pc windshield

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  • Other: how to install windshield reveal molding on 1948 land Cruiser 1 pc windshield

    I am trying to reinstall reveal molding on the windshield of my 1948 Land Cruiser. the windshield and rubber seal are new, I'm not sure how to get the moulding back on? Would like to talk to someone who has done it. If a phone # is left, I'll call you back

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    If you are new to Studebakers, then two things are different about this car that separates it from the hordes of Chevy/Ford/Mopar stuff that it out there.

    First, the moulding goes on/in the rubber before the windshield gets installed in the car. Don't know about other brands, but Studes need it done that way.

    Second, and this is the biggie... the 47-52 windshield is installed from INSIDE the car. It's doesn't go in from the outside, like other cars.

    I know that sounds weird, but the shop manual tells the story.
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      While it is true that the windshield goes in from the inside that is also the reason the reveal molding is installed AFTER the windshield has been installed on cars built prior to 1953.
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          popngramret - I hate to tell you this but the job is near impossible. I've heard that the reproduction rubber seal is not quite right, and if you do a search of the forum you will find others that have had the same problem. And one or two maybe that have been able to get it installed. I tried it personally at least 3 times. Using the cord idea and every other I could think of. That said, see this picture of my own car, and see how it looks...

          To accomplish it my way you will need a whole pack of dremel cutoff wheels, about a week, and a ton of patience.
          First step - saw the whole lip of the molding OFF. Stude stainless is very hard, you'll only get about 8 inches per dremel wheel. You need a steady hand too. Plus you are now ruining your piece. This is not for the faint of heart.
          Next, get some very good automotive adhesive and glue the dang thing on. Do NOT try and do it all at once. I did, and I was sorry. The stainless will be a bit stress relieved from the cut job, and possibly even a bit warped. Just start with the bottom. Get it glued on well, and get it flat.
          Then do the sides. Some soft cloth and C clamps may even be necessary to hold it down. Another day or so later you can do the top.
          I hated to do this, but the car looks much better with the molding in. Or in my case, not in but "on". Best of luck to you.
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