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1953 champion

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  • Paint: 1953 champion

    how can i use the serial number to find out the origonal paint color that come on the car.

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    You don't. Look on the firewall, inside the car, under the dash, behind glove box, right by the heater ranco valve. Rectangular glued on piece of paper, about 1 1/2 x 3 inches.


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      or you could use the serial number to order a Production Order copy from the Studebaker National Museum. Then you will know the color of your car inside and out, what options it was built with, and where it originally went from the factory.
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        If the paper is still there you have the info. Unfortunately, by now many of the tags have fallen off and gotten lost. The production order is surer, but takes a little while.
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          Another method that usually works is, look at the original color under the inside door panels.
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