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Has anyone ever used Poly frame bushings for rear springs?

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  • Frame/Springs: Has anyone ever used Poly frame bushings for rear springs?

    Working on the rear of my 62 Lark project and need to replace the bushings in the frame for the rear springs. Once I get the old ones out, I plan on replacing them with Polyurethane bushings, but cant find any made for Studebakers. According to my measurements and the SI catalog, the stock bushings are 7/8" (.875") OD. I found some generic poly bushings that come in either .875" or .879" OD, so plan to use one of them when I confirm the actual dimension. They are shouldered bushings, so I would use one on each side of the frame with the the correct size metal insert and bolt and shim them to the correct width for the spring shackles as required with washers. What do you think?

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    I have heard the polyurethane bushings squeek after a while but the polygraphite's do not


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      I use UHMD plastic. Slightly harder than urethane and easier to machine. If you are going to use the urethane ones use the .879"s and press them in.


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        I still prefer stock if you can get them.
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          I use the Prothane kit for Chrysler A bodies: kit #4-805-BL. This is a complete kit with bushings, bolts and shackles. The bushings are the exact right size (and 2-piece!) but the shackles are longer than Stude - they can be redrilled and cut down to the proper length.
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            good suggestion. Thanks.


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              Don't know if you found them yet but I just picked up some for my Champ from ESPO Springs 'N Things suspension parts Danville Pa 1-800-903-9019
              Ron Haffner