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    I'll get the CD shop/body/parts manuals soon. But I have 3 quick questions:

    1. What group/size battery goes in a '62 GT Hawk?
    2. Does a 289 4V require higher than regular octane gas?
    3. By 1962 did the standard Stude steel wheels have the "grip ring" (for lack of the right name) which gives a little extra grip for radial tires?

    And -in answer to the inevitable question- yes, I bit and swallowed the hook, line and sinker attached to a '62 GT. This one looks to be a little closer to my and my son's capabilities to fix up.

    I finally have a Stude I can drive! (sort of)
    1962 GT Hawk, 4 speed, a/c

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    #1- group 24
    #2- todays regular works fine except of course if there is heavy carbon deposits which would raise the compression ratio. mid grade would be a start if not sure.
    #3- I personally never heard of or saw what your describing as a "grip ring". Stude wheels are on the narrow side (4&1/2") by todays standards and are on the weak side for radials. Play it safe with either Ford or Mopar wheels but use a larger lug nut with those wheels (thread the same-larger taper area)
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      Looks like Warren nailed it.

      However, be aware that the Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth/AMC/Studebaker/Nash/Hudson/Packard and other independents 12 Volt Group 24 Battery has the terminals on the Engine side, with the Negative Post FORWARD, NOT reversed as on the 24F for Ford products, or the newer Replacement Groups "Generic" Batteries with the posts centered on the width and or the wrong height.
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        As StudeRich said be careful with off the shelf batteries. I have a 61 Hawk and when I first installed the battery the positive post hit the hood and caused a short, and almost burned the paint right off the the EXTERIOR of the hood. I turned the battery around so the posts are closer to the engine than to the fender and placed the negative post towards the front of the car. Apparently with the posts closer to the fender the slope of the hood causes contact. Be careful you could easilly ruin the hood paint or worse.


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          Thanks for all the octane feedback and the battery info and warnings.

          Be careful you could easilly ruin the hood paint
          In this case, it might be an improvement! ;-)

          I'll go do a search on the threads about MOPAR & Ford wheel replacements.

          I finally have a Stude I can drive! (sort of)
          1962 GT Hawk, 4 speed, a/c