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  • Brakes: Turner Brake Squeel

    My 57 GH has a Turner front disc system installed. On moderate to hard stops, they howl like crazy. I've never heard of anyone having trouble with Turner. Anyone else have this experience?
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    More often than not, brake squeal is due to the brake in pad shape, material, mounting etc, and not the design of the actual brake system itself. For example, many brake systems on race cars howl like crazy, but racers care little about this and more with shorter stopping distances and fade-free performance. With a street driven car, brake noise, pad longevity, and brake pad dust play a more important role as far as most drivers are concerned. Bottom line, this is not a Turner problem, but probably a pad, or pad mounting problem. Try istalling a quality set of new pads, don't be a caso and buy the cheapest ones because part of the cheaper price was arrived at using cheaper pad material and bonding material methods. My Turner brakes have never made any noise no matter how hard I've used them. Hope this helps. Regards, Junior
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      Here's an interesting web page about brake noise:

      Silencing Disc Brake Squeal