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  • Fuel System: fuel sender problems

    I have a 56 President with fuel sender problems. I need to know the resistance values for full to empty,and if there is a difference in senders between the Hawk and the rest of the flock.
    John in Michigan.

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    The 1956 and 57 cars used a fuel sender that had the gas line attached.
    There was no nipple on the lower tank for the fuel line to attach.
    The gas was sucked thru the tube on the sender.
    The hawks had a shorter tube than the sedans.
    If careful you can cut the tube and use a sedan unit in a Hawk.
    The senders are the same 390 ohm units.
    The 57 Golden Hawk used a larger tube and fittings.
    The 56 Golden Hawk used the same units as all other 56 and 57 Hawks except the 57 Golden Hawk.
    In 1958 they went back to the tube on the lower tank and no tube on the sender.
    You can use a later tank (with the fuel line connection on the tank) and use the 1958-64 Hawk sender.
    I stock the 1956/57 sedan units but you have to modify these for the Hawks.
    Robert Kapteyn