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75 Avanti physical route of dome light/cigar lighter circuits

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  • 75 Avanti physical route of dome light/cigar lighter circuits

    On my 1975 I was recently trouble shooting the lighter so I could use to charge iPhone, etc. I pulled out the lighter-ash tray assembly, I inadvertently shorted the the hot wire to the consul metal plate. I seemed to have blown the fuse, but the fuse was not blown...I replaced the fuse anyway, but no power in the circuit.

    The dome lights and ignition buzzer etc do not work. I pulled the fuse panel block and I have 12 v on both ends of the fuse. There is a 12 gauge PINK wire that runs from the fuse block to initiate this circuit. (schematic attached that I down loaded).

    If I run a 12v hot line to the cigar lighter terminal, the entire circuit operates...dome lights, etc. So it seems I have an open circuit (not blown fuse).

    My question is where does this circuit physically route thru the car? Is there another fuse in that line? Is there a connection plug where I can test the circuit. Where does the 12 gauge PINK wire run from the back of the fuse block? the Avanti manual does not go into that detail.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.