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Loose trim & less than perfect paint

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  • Body / Glass: Loose trim & less than perfect paint

    I purchased a 62 GT Hawk this last fall and finally have time to try and see what I bought. Some of the stainless trim on the tops of the fenders is loose. What will it take to tighten it up? The car has a lot of paint on it but is in need of a wet sand and serious buff. I'm no pro at this. I've done small jobs before and thought I would seek serious advice before going much further than removing some of the trim. All the fasteners seem to be original, that is rusty with rock like pieces of rubber attached. Would new fasteners fix my looseness problem? How much trouble can I get into trying to wet sand a whole car?? I hate to think about farming it out to a body shop. It's black (with the required red/maroon interior) so it's going to show any problems. Since I'm retired I'm starting to wonder if I really want to open this potential can of worms.

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    Not that it will happen to you, but it cost $7500 at a good shop to undo the damage my "friend" did AFTER I told him to stop doing body work. Mine's black, too, so it had to be straight. Good luck.
    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)