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  • Frame / Springs: spring change for stance

    as we know I got the twin turbo Lark. I was looking at the front end and I want a little lower stance to the car.what is a good spring to go to I.E. brand part # ect. I know the leaf springs are going to hurt a little but with the cage and the Cal tracks I think I am going to have a good hooking car on the street. I just want her a little lower/safer at higher speeds.

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    You could find a place like these and see what they can do. Maybe not super cheap, but it will be right, you may improve the ride, stability, and handling all while getting the look you want by using a good shop to help with a custom fit.

    These are so cal local shops, but they ship and you may have a local shop closer to you. Hope that helps?


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      I contacted Eaton Springs (I think) and had heavy duty springs but two inches lower made for my '63 Lark. The stance is just right and the ride is firm, like i prefer. Cost a couple of hundred.


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        if you ended up using that exploder rear the leafs were the same width so you can stick one in the rear to firm it up. Did you get the front dropped? I am just getting mine finished up and I think it's going to be just a tich high in front.


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          As ALL things custom...

          You'll need to know the car weight and the front end weight. Actuals...guessing will probably get you something you're not happy with.

          If these numbers are off, you most likely won't be happy. Don't buy these until the car is done...cage done, battery where it's supposed to be, water, oil, etc., etc.
          That is if you want it done (springs built) correctly.



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            To go along with Mike VV,
            almost any feed and grain store will have a drive on scale. I had to tow my truck to my local F&G and have it weighed. You can weigh it for total and then just the front wheel weight on the scales. They only charged me $10 and that was with an offical weight certificate, for just the verbal figures it is even cheaper.

            You may know this already, but in So Cal, there is not alot of farms in many areas so many people dont know where to find a scale. Just thought I would share what little I do know.


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              more good advice thanks