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    i have a 1953 car with the origanel window in it. but part of the window has turned purple. i need to know if there is any way to clean it. or just replace the window. thankyou

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    You don't say which window is defective. If it is a flat glass window, a good glass company can replace it. I replaced a couple of the side windows in my car and was amazed at how inexpensive it was. Seems like about $10 per window.


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      Really old glass, like bottles and telegraph pole insulators, turns purple from the action of sunlight on iron compounds in the glass. That color is permanent.

      Some laminated safety glass may turn dark purple or maroon from the inner plastic layer breaking down, but more commonly it goes milky. No fix for that either.

      Unless the color is so dark or so extensive that it impairs your vision, just chalk it up to "patina" and leave it be. But all the glass for your car is available new.
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