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Adding power brakes

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    I have a '64 4 dr Challenger, very similar to your Cruiser, that had the stock manual master cylinder on the firewall. I picked up a power booster from an Avanti II. It bolted right on. It was the easiest performance modification I have ever made on a Studebaker. And I have attempted many. Stops great, no need for disc brakes.

    Contact one of the Avanti suppliers to see if you can get a rebuilt or new one. I bet you can.

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  • Rerun
    In addition to the booster, there are mounting brackets that will be required. IIRC, a different push rod is required, too.

    Jim Bradley
    '64 Daytona HT "Rerun"

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  • JDP
    Find a used booster and have it rebuilt.


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  • Lincoln77
    started a topic Adding power brakes

    Adding power brakes

    I have a 1963 Cruiser with a split master cylinder, manual 4 wheel drum brakes and I was wondering what it would take to add power assist to the brakes. I dont want to spend too much being I would like to change to 4 wheel disc in the future (next couple of years). Any help? Thanks. Keith

    1963 Cruiser, 1962 Lark, 1952 Champion. Based in Oregon.