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  • Electrical: Starter thrust washer

    I replaced the starter drive [bendix] in my 56 President. [289, 3 spd, OD] Delco Remy starter. There wasn't a thrust washer at the backend near the brushes.
    According to the 55-58 Chassis Parts Manual Plate 06-8, Illust #0606-6, Part # 45210.
    The same part number is used on a 6H [55 President] So I disassembled a spare starter I had for my 55. The thrust washer in it is a rubber washer with fibers in it. About 3/32 to 1/8" thick and 1 3/8" diameter.
    Is this correct for the washer ? Where do I get one or what material do I use to make one ?
    South Lompoc Studebaker

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    I called a starter rebuild shop to ask about the thrust washer and was told that it didn't seem right to have a fiber washer, steel was probably correct.
    I crawled under the 55 to look at the professionally rebuilt starter in it. It has what looks like a steel washer. About 1/16" thick.
    The rebuild shop said something about various thickness washers to provide correct spacing on the armature.
    Shop Manual doesn't cover rebuilds on the starter and the Chassis Manual only has 1 part number listed. So I think there is only 1 size.
    Does anyone have experince with starters ?
    Does anyone have any information about the proper size thrust washer required ? Is it steel ?
    South Lompoc Studebaker


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      They are fiber, on every starter I have torn down (dozens). I think they insulate the commutater end from the end cap. a Dead short is a bad thing with that much current.
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        What he said, never steel, always fiber
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          Steel on both of my starters....and I have had them apart alot


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            Looking online today I found a a couple of sites with Delco Remy starter info.
            I don't know how to show the address so have to just print it out.
   shows a rebuild and detailed info on a LEATHER washer at the commutator end.
   has a starter leather washer available Part # D2-0749 9/16 id x 1 5/16 od x .125 thick [brake thrust washer-commutator end]
            Ebay has one for sale #360298608258
            I found another site that showed a parts breakdown with a LEATHER washer [forgot to note the site] so looks like BEZHAWK you were correct it is a fiber/leather washer.
            Looks like I will be sacrificing an old belt to get my Stude started.
            Thanks for the reply and information.
            South Lompoc Studebaker