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Balast or resistor on coil

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  • Balast or resistor on coil

    I've transferred a motor from my '64 wagon to my '62 Champ. It currently has one of those white balast type resistors. Should I continue to use this on my Champ? The previous setup was without it.
    This isn't yet an issue. I was reading 'Lark won't light' and the thought occured to me, better ask. Being that I should be attempting to start next week or so, no better time than the present. So...

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    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
    Ron Smith
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    I'm by no means an expert, Ron, but I think it has to do more with your wiring harness than with your engine.

    If your harness uses the pink resistance wire between the ignition switch and the coil, then you don't need the external resistor. If you don't have resistance wire, you need the resistor. So you've gotta figure out what kind of wiring you have before you know what to do here


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      What Clark said.

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