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Slick St. Stuff automatic floor shifter

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Slick St. Stuff automatic floor shifter

    Has anyone seen their floor shift set up in person? I figure that the unit is for those Studebaker owners that would like a floor shift but do not own a powershift equiped Lark, Hawk or Avanti which may be 95-98% of the automatic Studebakers

    They had three pictures of their automatic floor shifter on their website and I blew up the pictures on my browser 400% to better see what they were advertising. The transmission they used was a Flightomatic from a 65 six and the shifter looked like a Lokar. I noticed a bellcrank in different places connected to a Lokar shifter but I cannot figure out how the bellcrank was connected to the stock opperating lever on the transmission.

    Wondering how they transmitted the front and back motion of the floor shift to the up and down motion of the column shift transmission.

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