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amp gauge noise

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  • amp gauge noise

    Got an electrical gremlin under the dash. '51 Champion. AMP gauge will start jerking and making a "bonking" noise about every three seconds. Will not stop unless the battery is disconnected. Comes and goes about every two weeks. Any suggestions? Thanks Al

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    I would guess that the noise is not actually the ammeter, but a circuit breaker opening and resetting. Opening and closing the breaker would cause the ammeter needle to jump in time with the noise. I'm not familiar with the '51, but it probably has a breaker on the headlight circuit. An intermittent short somewhere in the wiring could account for the problem coming and going. Time to stick your head under the dash the next time it happens to see exactly what is making the noise.

    Jim Bradley
    '64 Daytona HT "Rerun"
    Jim Bradley
    Lake Monticello, VA
    '78 Avanti II


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      My main wiring harnedd burned, it was 2100 hrs and I was driving on a dark two lane highway. Headlights were on as well as the radio. I noticed the amp gauge jumping every so often the for about 1 hr. Lights went out,then the car stalled ( 60mph ) , a huge bang, like a shot gun just went off and the car filled with smoke. That last sentence happened in about 6 seconds or less. The amp gauge to battery wire is burned 100% bare for 10 inches. The amp post was very oxidized. The heat melted many wires. I found nothing more when I removed the old harness. I hope you don't have something like tha happen....I was on the way home from the National in Omaha.


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        Thanks Rerun and Curt. The technical advice and the smoke from the dash motivated me to take another look. You were both right. It was a direct short in some wires that a screw from the firewall had worked through. Easy fix and no damage done. Thanks!