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Lower radiator hose problems

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  • Cool/Heat: Lower radiator hose problems

    I'm having trouble with finding a lower radiator hose for my 62 289. I tried NAPA, CarQuest, and two others. They all want me to use a hose that is 7" shorter than the one that I took out. They all go to the same number for a hose that is 1 1/2" x 15 x 1 3/4". The ends work for me but not the length. I measured as best I could on the car and really don't think the 15" hose will make it.

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    Take your old hose to NAPA or another store and compare to their catalogs. You should be able to come up with a hose that matches close enough and may need some trimming. Try NAPA's online site and check the pictures and see if you can come up with a match.

    Another option is to use the hose you're being shown by NAPA, cut it and clamp a sleeve (or hose drain) made for the purpose. Speed shops and catalogs like Summit Racing and Jegs should have those.

    Or...just buy a flex hose the correct length and diameter. Again...not pretty but it works.
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      Ran into the same problem, and went to a hardware store and bought a 1 1/4 " galvanized sleeve, I believe it was 3 or 4" long. Got a good piece of the old hose, and spliced it to the new hose . Made it long enough to get out of the way of the fan shroud, and has given many years of service. Painted it black and you don't even notice that it is there.


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        Actually, I think I wound up with 2 new hoses, and spliced them together. The main issue was clearance around the fan shroud. And this took care of it.


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          Unless you have an emergency situation and have to do something right away the proper molded radiator hoses are readily available from most Studebaker vendors.
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            Is this for a Lark, or a Hawk? (looked up some oldder posts and found that it's for a Hawk)

            Sounds like the hose they are giving you is for a Lark, for the Hawk I believe you will have to order a repro from one of the Stude vendors, or use a universal flex hose about 25" long.
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              I've got a Studebaker International Catalog coming. I been trying to find more catalogs of Stude Stuff but haven't looked in the right areas yet.


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                In one case I was able to get the NAPA counter guy let me into the back with all the hoses on the wall and I picked out what I needed by eye and double checked with my tape measure once it was in my hand.
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